Primordial Sound Meditation

3-Day Class $500

  1. Awareness – Relaxation – Love Knowing Focus
  2. Learning about your own thought process
  3. Learn how to manifest and bring to yourself what your desire and need.

Between 1pm to 3pm will be a discussion about you, your life, and goals you have set for this process. Doing readings on your life and 30 minutes of guided meditation.

Call in again at 7pm to 8:30pm

We will talk about the messages and meaning you have extracted from your daily meditations. This meditation discussion is specified to your own personal needs.

Zelle or Paypal expected.

There are no refunds on any class/sessions. Payable upfront you can leave a $100 balance due after 3 days of ending of sessions.

Laura Hollie

Spiritual Consultant

P: (510) 886.2426

261 Jackson St,
Hayward, CA 94544 US

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