Comprehensive Life Readings

  • Where in life are you meant to be happy?
  • What talent, gift, brings you to this world?
  • Are you living up to your full potential?
  • Where in life are you not meant to be?
  • Why the lost, uncovered memories?
  • Are you meant to have a true love forever?
  • Are you meant to travel the world?
  • Are you meant to explore, learn or teach?
  • Are you mean to experiment, invent or heal?
  • In what areas of life have you been wounded?
  • Are you meant to be a parent?
  • Uncover what areas of life need to be healed in order to move ahead. These and many more questions will be answered.
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Laura Hollie

Spiritual Consultant

P: (510) 886.2426

261 Jackson St,
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