Long Distance Couples Therapy

Living a long distance apart leaves loneliness for both people and out of all this loneliness comes questions and doubts. But what if you’re really in love and this relationship could be the person you’ve been wanting and waiting to meet, your soulmate?

You ask yourself is this person really important enough to continue with this long distance. Only you have the answer to this question.

With my profound ability to work with the layers of your very being, reaching each and every aspect of your true spiritual being, your past lives, your aura’s energy and your chakra’s energy system. I will help to keep the love, passion, fire between both of you going and possibly manifest a closer living situation.

Remedies and Rituals will be talked about.

Discussions ongoing for $800 for 4 months.

Laura Hollie

Spiritual Consultant

P: (510) 886.2426

261 Jackson St,
Hayward, CA 94544 US

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